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Smoked Bar-B-Que

Grilled Meats & Vegetables!

We only use charcoal and wood in our smoking process. Hickory, Red Oak and some Fruit for enhancement. Our technique allows us to infuse our meats with the flavor of the wood. We use a light rub so as not to take away from that wonderful wood flavor. It's all about the Smoke!


And when it's not about the smoke, we've got some great grilled menu items for you; Cajun Catfish, Smoked Sausages (Andouille, Bacon and Polish) and Corn on the Cob. If that's not enough try some of our special recipe side dishes like our Ooey Gooey Mac'n Cheese, our signature Mac'n Meats, traditional Cole Slaw, a refreshing Cabbage Salad or our tasty Potato Salad which is worthy of being sold in a booth by itself according to some of our previous customers!


“Not your typical BBQ restaurant. The smoked BBQ is excellent and it's such a unique twist to have some main courses like Cajun Catfish & Bacon Sausage off the Grill

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